Saturday, July 5, 2014

Easy Tips for Preventing Everyday Upper Body Pain and Discomfort

Most of us get back pain from time to time. This may be due to a variety of reasons like an accident, sports-related injury or medical conditions like scoliosis. But most of the time, we suffer from back pain due to our lifestyle. Today, most of us sit in front of the computer for several hours and spend a couple of hours watching TV as we get home to relax. As a result, our spine is compressed; thus, causing pain in your neck and back.  Fortunately, there’s a lot ways to prevent this problem. If you want to have a good posture and relieve back pain, consider the following tips.

If your back hurts, most of you may think that the best way to get relief is take a rest and limit exercise. While resting for a day or two may help, resting for a couple more days will not help in addressing the pain. Experts believe that regular exercise can help ease muscle tension and inflammation.  The benefits of exercise are incredible. The more you move, the happier and healthier you get. Plus, people who exercise regularly and keep their muscles toned are less likely to deal with issues like neck and back pain.

Maintain a good posture
Good posture can help prevent neck and back pain, compressed nerves, ligament strains and other injuries. It also plays a major role in our health and improves our appearance. By maintaining a good posture, you’ll be able to stimulate the work of your digestive and circulatory systems and improve your respiratory capacity. Plus, it can help you project self-confidence.

Stretch everyday
Those who are dealing with neck and back pain would find that stretching is a great way of addressing this problem.  Do some exercises that will help increase your flexibility. This will not only keep you fit, it will also strengthen your muscles. Allot a few minutes each day to stretch your body and relax your muscles.

Avoid high heels
We understand that women want to look stylish and beautiful, but wearing high heels can shift your center of gravity; thus, straining your lower back. But if you really need to wear high heels, it would be a good idea to bring along a pair of flats with you so you can slip into them once you become uncomfortable.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mid-Winter Self-Care Break

It's Monday morning and there's more snow on the ground, and another storm is expected later on this week.  If you're feeling battle weary from the shoveling, de-icing, power outages, kids' snow days, etc, that this winter has brought us, a self-care break might be just what you need.  Cumulative stress can impact both body and soul, and a mid-winter massage can do wonders to lift your spirits.  So take time for yourself and schedule your personal care time-out.  You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pausing from Repetitive Stresses

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you will use these next few days to let your body recuperate from the repetitive stresses experienced in your everyday work routine, especially if you do office work.

Below are links to a couple of articles about tendonitis, a common condition in office workers, and how to prevent and alleviate it. Above all, take time AWAY from the computer. And if you have the time, schedule a massage appointment. Your body will thank you for it. :-)